An update from The Sound Thoughts

To our friends, family, and fans alike,

We have decided to take a break from The Sound Thoughts for a little while. This wasn't an easy decision to make, but it's the best for all of us at this moment in time.

Thanks to EVERYONE who supported us, whether by coming to shows, buying a CD, commenting on Facebook, whatever it may be, big or small. You have our deepest and most sincere gratitude.

Don't think of this as goodbye. Rather, we're going to hibernate and reemerge like an awesome butterfly of rock. We may even tinker with the formula of how we deliver our music. Who knows! Just make sure to keep us in your "thoughts."

Tim "The Destroyer"
Derek "D-Rock"
John "Sex Muffin"

"The Best Summer Ever" - grab your copy today!

Hello to all out there in summerville!

We were commissioned to make a song for Z102.9 that dealt with this fine season upon us now. Click in our music player, and download this tune for FREE!

Shows, shows, and more shows!

Heads up!

We're doing a whirlwind tour of several of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City's finest rocking establishments.

Just a quick note - the show at Just Jules is ALL AGES until 10:00 PM. We're second to last, so we're not sure if that means you'll be able to catch us before curfew. But, you should come down anyways! There's plenty of rock to go around.

New Year, Big Things Ahead!

Welcome back! We hope your holidays were successful, and your new year is off to a great start.

We've been plugging away, playing a few shows here and there. But, more importantly, we were given the GREAT opportunity to help launch a new beer by Anheuser-Busch. This one is under the Busch family, and it's called Busch Signature Copper Lager. It's a very tasty beer, and we got the pleasure of meeting the brew-wizard himself, George Reisch. 

Special thanks to Z102.9 for allowing us to come up with a catchy hook for this soon-to-be classic beverage. Also, a big thank-you to George and Ann Reisch, Coach's Corner, and the Afternoon Players club on KGYM for all their support and shout-outs. We're very grateful for the opportunity, and hopefully we can do it again sometime! Here's a picture of us with a bunch of cool people that made this happen.

Some show announcements:

  • March 11th - Otis' Tailgators, Cedar Rapids; opening for Blameshift, Undisclosed
  • March 22nd - Otis' Tailgators, Cedar Rapids; playing with Helforstout and Torchlight Parade
If you can make it out, we'd love to see you! The new flying V's will be making their debut. You don't want to miss that. Also, John now has wireless capabilities, so be sure to call him over. He'll gladly oblige.
"A Call To December" - Free Christmas Song!

Hey everyone! This past week, we were featured on Z102.9's morning show "The Schulte & Swann Show." It was a blast! They debuted our Christmas song, "A Call To December," on Wednesday (12/11.) You can download it for FREE in the music player section. Here's us, waiting in the lobby before the interview. Note John's amazingly small, but festive, Christmas sweater.

At the Z102.9 studios in Cedar Rapids!

Big Update - Check It Out!

Welcome to The Sound Thoughts, Mach VI.

Hello there everybody! Sorry it's been a while since we last updated. A few (notable) things have happened within the last month, so here's the scoop:

Our guitarist/vocalist Naomi Hulteng has decided to step down from her position in the band. We are sad to see her go, but wish her success in whatever she does next.

We have decided to continue on as a three-piece. The core of the band will be whipped into shape to deliver the most thunderous sound imaginable, and we'll be ready for shows in the near future.

Last, but not least, we have recorded a pretty cool cover of an Enrique Iglesias song called "Heart Attack." Check it out here or a "Throwback Thursday"-style video here.

No really, this is the last thing - our new album(s) are on iTunes (after a few snafus.) So, go to your favorite iTunes retailer and grab "Terminal" or "Black Box EP" or both. That would be excellent.

Thanks for listening. We're excited for the future. We have some big things in the works, so we'll keep you all posted.


Pure Energetic Rockers!
Fan Peter Looney was introduced to the band through a solo King added to a Breaking Even song. Having not missed a performance since the first time he saw the group live, he firmly attests to the members’ enthusiasm during shows.

“The energy is simply amazing,” Looney said. “It almost wears you out.” [Read More...]